It is well known that a boat and/or yacht is something very valuable. Therefore, good maintenance is essential to enjoy and get the most out of it.

One of the major concerns with decking is the danger of slipping or deterioration over the years.

For this reason, some resort to teak, although you have to perform annual maintenance on it so that it is always in perfect condition.

Another maintenance-free solution is to install a non-slip marine deck. deckmarineThe EP base, which also absorbs water at the time, is resistant to UVA rays, all this, of course, added to its good quality that translates into being able to enjoy long seasons with a comfortable, aesthetic and quality cover.

However, sometimes cheap is expensive, accepting imitations of other Low Cost brands and/or not leaving the installation in the hands of professionals can turn it into a change for the worse.

Deckmarine, in addition to a 24-month warranty, offers the possibility to fully customize it, choosing from various combinations of colors and shapes. In fact, going further, there are those who want to add a logo, the name of the boat or staff and even have a drawing projected.

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