Yes, just as it sounds: PERSONAL BOAT SHOPPER SERVICE. Having a boat means disconnecting from everything and, at the same time, connecting only with the sea. However, as soon as the boat becomes a problem, you will not like it as much and you may even get bored…

Well, that’s where we come in, to satisfy your needs… but many questions will be on your mind: which brand do you want? which model will be better for your use? in which port? when do you want it? which engine? how much power? are there better in the market regarding quality-price? in what condition is the boat? what length? third party insurance or not? when is the best time to buy it? …

Among our nautical services is that of PERSONAL BOAT SHOPPER, which allows potential customers to leave in our hands (of a professional team) the whole process of buying a boat (personalized advice). This goes from the search for the boat you want, whether it is for purchase or rental, to all the necessary steps to get it on the water; transportation where required (by sea or road), insurance, revisions, documentation, tuning … so that you only have to worry about enjoying it.

For this purpose, a virtual appointment will be arranged with the client and then a face-to-face meeting will be held at our facilities, an annual maintenance plan will be passed on to the client with a stay and options, the vendors will be contacted, and the boat will be negotiated and reviewed. Finally, we will take care of all the formalities until you can enjoy the boat from wherever you want.

But this does not end here, during the whole post-sale process you will be offered 24-hour assistance, training and an immediate response to all the needs that may arise. In short, your reliable Nautical with 360º integral services.

It can be a new, second-hand or rental boat. Whatever you are looking for. We serve in English and Spanish. Our experience in the marine sector of the Costa Blanca supports us, and if you do not know us yet we are Nautica Marina Alta and, among other things, we are personal boat shopper. Shall we talk?