Chaparral Boats is a leading brand in the water sports industry. For more than 60 years, this American brand, Chaparral, has stood out for offering water sports enthusiasts the best boats, engines and equipment of the highest quality. In Nautica Marina Alta you can find the boats and models of this brand in both outboard and inboard engines.

You may be wondering why buy a Chaparral boat. The answers are simple: because they offer an excellent combination of performance, safety and comfort in a sleek, modern design. These boats are made of top quality materials that make them weather resistant, and offer excellent corrosion resistance. Chaparral boats are also known for their excellent maneuverability, which means they can be used in calm waters or in larger waves. In addition, Chaparral boats are equipped with the best outboard engines for you to enjoy an unparalleled sailing experience. Finally, Chaparral boats are manufactured with the best materials to ensure a long service life, which means that your investment will remain secure for many years to come.

Chaparral has a wide range of models depending on lifestyle and intended use… Bowrider or fisher? Cuddy or Suncoast?

Thus, these include: – H2O – Sunesta – Vortex – SSi – Signature – Vista – SSX – Surf – Coastal – Suncoast – Sloop – Xtreme – Xtreme Surf – Xtreme Wake – Xtreme Fish

In Nautica Marina Alta, as official dealers located on the Costa Blanca, (Spain), you can inform you and we will advise you so you can find your new chaparral boat in Spain.