En Náutica Marina ofrecemos todo tipo de servicios. Therefore, as far as Deckmarine is concerned, we are exclusive official distributors throughout the Valencian Community. Thus, under our authorization, we also have a network of sub-distributors in this area of the Levant.

Deckmarine is a non-slip thermoplastic polymer both in dry and wet conditions with a 6mm thickness and resistant to UVA rays. Despite its spongy touch, which gives it extreme comfort underfoot, it does not absorb water and is resistant to mold, fungus and dirt, making it easy to clean. A clear advantage over traditional covers, both natural and artificial, is when exposed in the sun as the temperature of Deckmarine usually stays at around about 8º C less (according to color).

Deckmarine is completely customizable both in bevels and in contours and is able to include logos, names, etc. We use CAD-CAM for optimal manufacturing.