How to install a marine outboard motor step by step?

In Nautica Marina Alta, we know the importance of having a good engine in your boat. But obviously, the first step is to install it, so good workmanship is needed. But not just any labor, but professional labor. That’s why Nautica Marina Alta, we are your nautical in the area of Javea and Denia and where many of our customers trust the experience and reliability that supports us.

Now, what are the steps to follow to install this outboard?

-1. Check the motor manual and once removed from its packaging and the motor cover, carefully load it with a bull.

-2. Transport it to the boat where it will be installed bit by bit.

-3. With help, we place the motor in the approximate area where it will later be installed.

-4. We drill a hole in the central stern where the outboard marine engine will be screwed.

-5. Once this step has been reached, it is time to put all the cables in their places and clean the whole area where the work has been done.

-6. At this point, it is time to check if the steering is working correctly (left and right), if not, we must return to point 5, if yes, we can continue.

-7 We put the engine cover on the engine and after filling it with gasoline, we started it dry to analyze its operation.

-8 We carry out a sea test to see if everything is really working at 100% or if there is some element to check or change.

I would already be. Although it may seem simple and it has been described in a very brief way, it is a complex job that, as we have said, requires an official technical service and an adequate space and material for it.




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